Monday, 26 July 2021


This is Myanmar Reality since February Coup!


We became #LAWLESS after junta breaking the constitution to outpost the duly elected government.


Our cries for justice were #MERCILESSLY crushed. More than 800 deaths including women and children under 5.


Due to mismanagement, distrust and blockage on Internet,  banking system broke down. Citizens queue at the ATM from dawn to dusk just to get enough to buy weekly groceries.


Violent and aggressive attacks by the Military at the ethnic regions forced the people to abandon their homes to the jungle. Many people from cities have to run away to avoid persecution.


Junta focus on self preservation completely neglect the public healthcare and people were robbed in the day light from gaining access to oxygen and other medical supplies.


More than a thousand death per day as the cemetery (NOT HOSPITALS) overflowing with COVID-19 related deaths. 

#Credit #July25Coup #175Days

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